by Rennie Sparks

Some of my past work.... (all sold!)


I’m continuously booked-up with commissioned paintings and so rarely have anything for sale on this site. When I do, they sell quickly. If youd like to be notified in the first group of people who get a shout-out when there are new works on offer, e-mail me to be put on the list.

COMMISSIONS: You can also e-mail me if you have a person, an animal, a place or thing that you really want a painting of (your dog or cat, your baby, the ocean, goats, spider webs, a love story...). My commissioned portraits are mostly of pets and beloved humans, but I am also willing to take on specific themes. I don't require money up-front for commissions. Mostly I require patience. I have a long waiting list and it might take up to a year before your painting is completed. You can email me for details or read more about how I work HERE.   — Rennie

More of my artwork...

Thanks for looking—Rennie