OR... write us the old-fashioned way:

305 Wellesley Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87106

Please refrain from gathering outside our house with pitchforks and torches or we'll be forced to cover the windows with tin foil again.

A further disclaimer: If you're thinking about sending us a CD please don't send it if you want us to critique your music or if you think  sending us a CD is a good career move. Also, we sometimes take years to listen to all the cds piled up on our living room table as we mostly sit around watching religious tv. If we do listen to your cd and love it then we will surely shower you with compliments, but that's all we have to offer.

Some of our friends, partners, agents...

Our USA booking agent:
High Road Touring
751 Bridgeway 3rd Floor, Sausalito, CA 94965
Meredith Kluger

Loose Records, our European record label
Unit 205, 5-10 Eastman Rd, London, W3 7YG, UK
Phone: 0181 749 9330
Tom Bridgewater

Our European Booking Agent:
Rupert Orton

Music Licensing...
Contact our publishing administrator with queries:
Peter Wright at Music of Virtual
or The Harry Fox Agency for standard licensing issues.