Hi Ho, friends and neighbors. Have I ever told you how much I enjoy turning a random squiggle into a snake? Have I mentioned that THE HANDSOME FAMILY is going to be in Europe soon? Read on, dear heart…

Sometimes when the very walls seem to be breathing hard and the blood threatens to boil over in my head I draw a squiggle. I turn the squiggle into a snake. By the time I’m finished with my snake I feel a lot better. I feel calmer, smoothed out, sorted. There is peace in finding that even the most random lines can become a living creature. I do a lot of snake drawings when we’re on tour. I spread my markers out on hotel bedspreads and follow my squiggles into the land of dreams. Ambien helps.

Maybe drawing snakes is about pondering infinity in a finite way. I’ve always found a strange peacefulness in between thinking of very large things and very small. There is space in there for all things to find their order. Some people say eating a banana before sleep helps encourage good dreams. I recommend drawing a snake before bed. I don’t recommend actually trying to draw on a living snake. They are not receptive to this sort of treatment. It’s hard, also, to find snakes hiding in hotel rooms. They’re there, of course, coiled into the darkest recesses of these anonymous spaces. We once stayed at a hotel room that had a live goldfish in it to keep us company. I was nervous the whole night about whether the goldfish was happy or unhappy, restless or euphorically gliding round and round the infinity of its tiny glass world. It’s hard to tell with goldfish.

All the snakes I draw on tour are for sale at our shows. If I didn’t sell my snake drawings I would have a serious stockpile. Make room in my unconscious for new squiggle shapes by taking one home. Please look through my book of snakes before you leave our next show even if you’re not an art-buyer. I hope my snake images help you find the secret pathway to your best dreams. I hope our songs and live show do the same. See you soon friends in Europe.


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